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We will buy the problematic property from you and you can leave all your worries behind.

Purchasing legally complicated real estate

Stuck with an asset that you cannot sell due to complex legal issues?


We have an immediate solution that will lift the burden and finally let you see the money, here and now. Instead of using the asset to live better or invest the money that it yields for economic security for you and your family, you are stuck with a property that only causes you more worries, pressure and unnecessary expenses.

If you want to put an end to those worries and make money on the asset, Adv. Barak Ron Law Offices has the perfect solution.  We will buy the problematic asset at an attractive price, relieving you of the worries, headaches, uncertainty and unnecessary expenses waiting for you down the road. 


And the money?  You will get it here and now.

Service Advantages

Here are some reasons why our service can save you worries and sleepless nights, and save you a lot of money - starting tomorrow

Immediate Payment

Instead of praying that you will see the money from the property in the distant future, assuming you succeed the legal problems, we will buy the property from you and you will get the money into your hands on that day.

Peace of Mind & Worries-Free

Without risks, without fear of losses, without expenses for legal representation that can grow to huge sums, without arguments and anger, we will buy the property from you and you can put all the worries aside.

Fast & Reliable Solution

We will review the property and offer you an immediate purchase offer. The process is simple and fast, with no lowercase letters. With quick and risk-free service, you only have to plan what to do with the money.

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Address: 3 Daniel Ferish St., Tel Aviv, Israel
Office: 03-696-1105 | Fax: 03-696-1161

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